my work

This is a sampling of my favorite published work — all stories, some written, some told in GIFs or timelines.

Finding Help: A guide to sexual assault resources for OU students

A screengrab of “Finding Help,” an interactive tool I built to guide students through the process of getting help after a sexual assault.

This interactive tool aims to walk students through their many options for getting help after experiencing a sexual assault, whether they want to make a formal report or get counseling. I wrote about using Twine, an interactive tool for non-linear storytelling, to create this project.

Norman’s DeBarr Avenue, named for KKK leader, highlighted amid national conversations about removing monuments

I wrote this story in September 2017, about efforts to rename a street in Norman, Oklahoma, that is named for an OU professor who was also a national leader of the Ku Klux Klan. I designed the presentation, took photos and created a short video for this piece, which kept readers’ attention for an average of more than 5 minutes. Since this story’s publication, students have gone to city council meetings to urge city leaders to force a name change, and one city councilmember has called for the city to investigate whether the street name is inappropriate.

OU community gathers for President David Boren’s goodbye

I wrote this in September 2017, on the day that OU’s president announced his retirement.  After running the Facebook Live stream of the announcement, I lingered, observing and taking in the monumental day in our university’s history. My story played a specific role in the day’s coverage our staff wrote dozens of stories and produced a 20-page special edition about the president’s legacy and impact on the university, but my story focused on the emotion of the announcement: How students felt, the energy in the room before it was official, how all rumors suddenly stopped swirling in a moment of clarity.  It’s not your traditional event story.

In Wyoming, ribbons and chants of ‘Otto strong!’ lift the Warmbiers

This story is from my time as an intern at the Cincinnati Enquirer — I was in Wyoming, Ohio, a suburb north of Cincinnati, for a community gathering after Otto Warmbier was sent home from North Korea in a coma. I spent the morning doing live coverage — tweets and live video — then wrote quickly about how Warmbier’s hometown came together to support the family in a moment of tragedy. Just a few days later, I covered Warmbier’s funeral for USA TODAY.

OU shuts down file sharing service after failing to protect thousands of students’ records

I discovered in reporting this story — done over a weekend during my Enquirer internship in June 2017 — how my university had inadvertently exposed thousands of students’ educational records, including grades, financial aid information, social security numbers, credit card numbers and immigration status. After learning of the breach through my reporting, the university shut down the file-sharing network housing the records.

‘I don’t have anyone’: Executive orders banning travel to seven countries strains members of OU community

I wrote this story over a weekend in January, after President Trump issued an executive order banning travel to the U.S. from Iran, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Libya, Somalia and Sudan. OU has a large Iranian student population, and I met with several Iranian students to talk about what the travel ban meant for their immediate futures. After publication, I was contacted by several people asking how they could donate money or baby clothes to the couple I wrote about.

New sexual assault research not acknowledged by OU administrators

In the spring of 2016, the president’s office, the dean of students, the Title IX office and several other administrative offices received a report about research done by OU professors about sexual assault on the Norman campus. The research showed that 19 percent of survey respondents had been sexually assaulted while at OU, and administration ignored the findings and never acknowledged the report. In my exclusive interview with OU President David Boren, he made a few damning statements that prompted student protests after publication.

Facts and stats about abortion in Oklahoma

Sometimes the best way to tell a story isn’t written out. I made this slideshow for the Tulsa World after Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin vetoed a law that would have made performing an abortion a felony. I researched statistics and used InDesign and Illustrator to graphically show information like state-mandated wait times for abortions and the number of abortions being performed in Oklahoma over the years.

Why Norman’s water tastes and smells so weird

Every year around September, Norman’s drinking water gets a musty taste and smell. We’ve written about it before, so this year, I turned a 2014 story into this GIF (and then a video for Facebook):