data viz: earthquakes in Oklahoma

I tried using CartoDB for the first time Sunday to make a map of earthquakes in Oklahoma over a magnitude 3.0 from 2013 to 2015. I’ve used Google FusionTables to make similar maps, but looking back, they’re pretty weak (not to mention, I did basically no reporting to give the maps context).

I really liked CartoDB for this — it’s clean, it’s easy to embed and it was pretty simple to figure out. I’m looking forward to finding a reason to use their Torque map, where you can have a slider to plot events over a period of time.

Read my story to go along with the map here, and let me know what you think. A couple things I learned while working on it:

  1. fracking doesn’t cause earthquakes, but injection of water back into the earth after oil and gas production does
  2. people say the state isn’t doing much to slow this trend, but the Oklahoma Corporation Commission has put in place several injection well restrictions (though it’s too soon now to see whether those restrictions are slowing down the earthquake trend)
  3. when you write about earthquakes, your work gets picked up in places you didn’t expect (Drudge Report and FastCoExist)

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